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UFC On FX 4 : Facebook Prelims.

I really enjoy MMA. I also really enjoy making predictions on the fights. I also like breaking the fights down. So I’ll probably break down every fight card for the UFC and parts of Bellator just because. Even if no one will read it. I also don’t proclaim to be some awesome fight picker so I’ll probably be wrong on multiple occasions.

This post will cover the two Facebook fights which you can watch for free on the UFC facebook page on Friday.

Ricardo Funch vs. Dan Miller

Funch is most famous for being a part of Mike Pyle and Claude Patrick’s highlight reals. Also for looking like Riff Raff from that one MTV show about morons (Which one?! That’s the joke). He is 0-3 in the UFC and was released only to be brought back as a late replacement so doing that favor for the UFC brass is probably the only reason he’s still employed and needs a win to keep his spot on the roster.

His opponent Dan Miller is in comparable need for a win. Going just 2-4 in his last 6, although those losses are to fighters who are at the top division, he still needs a win to secure his job. 

Both are BJJ black belts, have decent offensive and defensive wrestling, and decent striking with Miller being the more polished striker of the two. Miller is also the more aggressive of the two and the more proven fighter. Honestly, Funch hasn’t shown anything to support even being in the UFC.

Expect Miller to win a safe decision by being better in every area of the game. However a quick submission win isn’t out of the picture either.

Dustin Pague vs. Ken Stone

Pague is coming in on short notice as the replacement for a replacement but it is also coming off an impressive first round submission of Jared Papazian only a week ago.

Ken Stone is making his return after submitting Donny Walker in September of last year.

Although he is only 1-2 in last 3 fights, Ken Stone has shown impressive skills even in his losses. He was comfortable on his feet against one of the best 135 pound strikers in Eddie Wineland unfortunately he wound up in a straight WWE slam KO. He showed even more improvement in his striking during his bout with former title contender Scott Jorgensen and was winning the stand up by a wide margin before getting taken down and surprisingly finished by punches from guard. Even with those losses Stone has shown potential to have a long UFC career if he’s able to fix his defensive holes because offensively he’s quite good.

As noted Pague recently fought only a week ago and picked up a mild upset over Papazian. Mostly known as a kickboxer he showed some new tricks by taking Papazian down and quickly submitting him. Pague isn’t known for his punching power as he is more of volume puncher. so Stone’s supposedly suspect chin (which is weird because people bring up he was KOed by Wineland as one reason he has a bad chin but he was KOed by a slam.) won’t be in much danger.However, Pague is accurate so him finding the off switch on Stone’s chin isn’t impossible and is actually quite likely to happen.

On the ground Stone looks to have the better technical skill. Pague’s drumming by TJ Dillashaw on the TUF show is still fresh in my mind and shows his weakness when being on his back even against a inexperienced fighter like Dillashaw. While Stone looked composed and aggressive off of his back when put there by Jorgensen.

I see Stone as being the better striker of the two and has the option of putting Pague on his back. So if Stone has worked on his defensive holes I see him pulling off a submission by round 2.

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